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I am 55, eat well, exercise and yet have no energy. I struggle with sleep, always tired, why?

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Delila 21 Aug 2016

Have you asked your dr for a diabetes & thyroid function test?

smileyhappy 22 Aug 2016

Yes get your thyroid checked!

bestpup 25 Aug 2016

To debbiedowner
From bestpup
Aside from eating and exercising regularly you may benefit from a woman's multi-vitamin. Despite proper eating habits I too was exhausted late in the day. After discussing this with my doctor she told me to take a woman's multi-vitamin and she prescribed a prescription strength vitamin D2 50,000 units. One pill a week for 4 weeks than one pill every other week. This is in combination with a woman's multi-vitamin everyday.
I must say it took a good month before I saw a decrease in the fatigue but it did work.
Best of luck

bestpup 25 Aug 2016

I forgot to mention I had my thyroid checked first then when it came back normal the doctor prescribed the double vitamins.

KPFLUGH99 8 Jan 2017

If the results of your blood work returns normal I would highly recommend having a sleep study. Since you do have Insomnia I would tend to believe you are also suffering Sleep deprivation. Consider talking to your Physician about having a sleep study. There are many disorders that can be diagnosed by doing so. Perhaps you have Sleep Apnea or Restless Leg Syndrome. I would also use a search engine to research your symptoms as well as above mentioned disorders. A locally owned Healthfood store can give you much information on Supplements to help with the fatigue. Just make sure to check any possible interactions. I know there is a condition known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I'm sorry I'm not knowledgeable enough about this Syndrome to comment anymore. I would use a search engine and search possible conditions for your fatigue and lack of energy. It will direct you to many valuable Medical sites. free discount card

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