... turning 45. Went to see an orthopedic doc after I started having so much trouble and after viewing my MRI was told it was one of the worse he had seen and surgery was not an option. He referred me to a pain clinic to handle my pain. He said with age it will only get worse and I would need medication to help with my pain the rest of my life and possibly could end up in a wheelchair. Well we went through several medication trials at the pain clinic and the one that helped most was a combination of Opana ER now at 40 mg 3 x a day and oxycodone for breakthrough pain. These meds had helped me very much until last week when picking up my prescriptions and I got the new formulation of Opana ER crush proof. I had an open mind about it because I do not abuse my medications, just take p.o. as instructed. But the new Opana gave me such bad stomach aches and did not seem to control my pain that it use to. My question is I have an appointment with my pain management doctor in early April and if anyone could suggest what medication would be an adequate substitute for the Opana ER. I am allergic to morphine and codeine. Thank you for any responses to my question.