Hello, I've been on the suboxone for almost 6months, I dropped from 12mgs down to 2mgs over night and it took about 3weeks to be good at that dose now in the past 3months ive gotten down to .25 or a little less. Now it's been 50 hrs with none and I've been ok during the day just a headace but last night was pretty bad rls and couldn't sleep. I don't know if I should take a little or try to tough it out it's just so hard my mom had a stroke a week and a half ago so i'm taking care of her I have a 15yr old and 4 grandkids under the age of 4 that I have to babysit and we have a planned vacation next week. I just don't know if I can do this and also I have a doctor who thinks this will be a piece of cake she wanted to to go cold turkey at 2mgs. Anyone have any advice..

Thanks and God bless!