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I was on 500mg Antabuse for 9 days. I've now been off the drug for about 82 hours. Can I drink?

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Inactive 20 Mar 2013

Hello Lindbain. I am not a doctor. Yes you can. However, please note that everyones body chemistry is different. I would advise waiting another 24 to 48 hours. Regards pledge

Inactive 20 Mar 2013

Lindbain, I must agree with Pledge also. I say that, because my father was a chronic alcoholic, and was put on it, and quit, and thought he had waited long enough, and drank, and got extremely ill. And I, myself was a chronic alcoholic too. I started drinking at 14, and could drink with the best of them. I'm not bragging, it was pitiful. I started taking Antabuse in my early 20's, and definitely wasn't finished drinking. I waited just a shade over 24 hrs, and drank two wine coolers, thinking I would be ok, because they didn't have a lot of alcohol in them. I got violently sick, throwing up, shaking, etc.. I want to be very careful here, as to let you know, I'm not judging you, not one bit at all for wanting to drink, after taking that, because I did it myself. I am curious why you want to again. I'm not asking, just curious if there's an underlying issue/issue's that you're having a hard time with. If you ever ever need someone or somewhere to reach out to... you can come back to this site. That has many people on here, like myself, who used to drink. My whole life, up until over six yrs ago, and I'm 42. And others to who could help you, if you need it. I'm just being nice, no judgement at all. You take care and be careful. Your Friend, Ruthie free discount card

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