I would like to know what is the best thing to try and get my life in order.Stop stressing and last week I had what I was told a anxiety attack.Where I spent the night in hospital.I hurt my back at work.Working for the Australian Goverment and trying to get you back fixed after been told by two sergons I nead my back fixed.10 years later.I am still bed ridden now because of the pain.My wife left me.So now I get pain depression and anxiety.People that got that I always was the first to say toughen up.But it's not that easy.I can not exercise.The serge told me because they have left it so long now your in a big mess.As I took my Daughter for serport getting told now what they have to do to my back put me into tears like a little baby.All my kids have grown up.My Daughter is the youngest 24 years old.And I have 3 boys from 31 down to 27.please if you can help.I will plaster it all over the network in Austraila.Please help 50 year old but fell 90 years old.Thank you.Billy steele.3 Riley close Ngunnawal ACT 2913.ph 0262555659.