My 5-year old daughter was tested extensively and diagnosed with severe ADHD and Disruptive Behavior Disorder in October of 2014. She has been seeing a behavioral therapist since November of the same year. He suggested in May of 2015 that we start looking into getting her on a medication to help her with her impulsiveness and her extreme hyperactivity. I finally found a doctor that would see her. Her first appointment was this past Friday, August 7th. He prescribed her Adderall. She started her first dose after breakfast on Saturday. And had a second dose this morning, Sunday. She has been much, much worse. She has had FAR more meltdowns and crying fits since she has begun the medication. The first dose she chewed up and then swallowed. The Adderall page on says that the XR pill can be poured onto a spoonful of applesauce. So I assume it wasn't that which caused her to act so crazy. I'm guessing she just doesn't do well with this med. The only other 3 medicines I can find that are generally prescribed for children her age and younger are ProCentra, Dextrostat and Dexedrine. I'm really not sure which direction to go. Would love some advice since I will be calling her psych first thing in the morning.