I am taking Lexapro for newly diagnosed OCD, anxiety and depression. I started taking 10mg daily, but after the 2nd dose, I felt I was going crazy. It intensified everything so much. Dr advised me to cut it down to 5 mg for the first week. Things are not much better. I am angry, I mean really angry, then sad, then angry. I feel like I am really going crazy. Last night I just paced the floor and screamed, I can't explain to anyone what is happening, its like my mind just won't stop with crazy thoughts. I don't want to stop the medicine if this is normal and its just my body adjusting to it, but I also do not want to continue if this is not the norm. I do not see my Dr again for a month. But I definitely cannot go on feeling like this. I think I was better before I started it. Just wondering what others have experienced.