Quit subutex 2 weeks back and used Heroin twice, so back to being 5 days clean, the big problem i'm finding is I'm awake 22hours a day min, and i'm left with no energy, bored and my legs feel like the muscles are trying to rip out of my legs? Been craving badly the last 2 days due to this, it's not even for the buzz i just really need a good night sleep and some energy! 2 weeks is a long time to be feeling like this, as i said last thurs and fri i used because of it and dont want to keep getting to this point and using for one day just to have to go through another god know's how long till it changes, also been given zopiclone the last 2 weeks and got 1 week left and i just feel like thats next i'm going to be addicted to them soon, but i cant not take them cause i'm close to cracking up if i don't sleep soon! i don't even know what my question is i'm guessing looking for advice really, thanks