I know it takes at least 7 days for the medicine to fully clear the infection. But I'm still irritated down there. Not as much as before. The itch cream that came with the medicine just makes me itch even more. Anytime there is moisture I itch. I also noticed today that there are white clumps, like pieces of wet toilet paper. But I haven't wiped with toilet paper in almost 5 days. I have to use a wash cloth because it's so raw and irritated. It doesn't bother me that much. Just every now and then it itches and drives me crazy. Because it's just the tiniest annoyance that won't go away. Am I getting near the end of having the yeast infection? Or should I be prepared to go out and buy more treatment. My insurance sucks, so I can't really afford to go see my Gyno. Or do you think I might have something else, and not a yeast infection at all?