my doctor prescribed me rexipra,for 7 days i felt sleepy all the time.
After 7 days he prescribed zupion sr which was best as i felt but i took it for 20 days and after that i stopped taking the medicine.
After 6 months i again went to the same psychiatrist he prescribed me bupropion. After taking this medicine i felt relieved for some hours, i felt very fresh and energized my brain was working much better than ever but after smoking ecah ciggarete i feel very weak i started sensing irregular heart beats (i smoke 15-20 cigarettes a day). some of the times when i take a short nap in the day i feel better but this does not work every time.

after that my doctor prescribed me fluxotine, i felt relieved for 2 days only but after that i used to feel sleepy everytime i cannot sleep at night properly i do not feel like doing any work.
after that he prescribed me duloxetine,he told me to take it before going to bed and the next whole day i felt dizziness during every night i feel dizziness,duloxetine does not suits me at all.
i am loosing interest in my studies i am 20 years old,male.i am from india.

kindly tell me an anti depressant which solves my fatigue problem my back pain and improves my concentration.