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I am 4th weak pregnet and I dont want child can I use arthotec 50 for abortion plz tell me sugestin?

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DzooBaby 29 Feb 2012

No sweetie, that is not going to work. I know you are probably a bit frightened and very worried right now, but truly, you need to go see a Dr if you want to terminate this pregnancy. You need to consider very carefully as abortions are always a risk, even now. There is a great chance that you can hemorrhage (bleed) or get an infection that can be life threatening. Bleeding is one big reason that you dont want to try to terminate this pregnancy on your own. Most drugs are not going to terminate your pregnacy, it just exposes the child to unwanted chemicals. There is an option of pills that can terminate pregnancy, in some cases, but they dont always work and you need surgical abortion anyway. You have to get these from a Dr who is trained to use and prescribe them, however. Please go see a Dr who is trained to do abortions. Is the father supportive of you at all? Perhaps if he is, have him go with you. He should be part of this decision too, but ultimately, it is your body and you are going to take the main brunt of the consequences. It is up to you what to do but dont wait to long to seek medical help. Once you go too far into your second trimester, you wont be able to safely have an abortion as the risk to you becomes too great.

clay81 29 Feb 2012

I really hope you reconsider what youre thinking.Abortion is not the answer think if your mother chose to have one.There are other alternatives like adoption or giving the child up.I know women think that since its their body they have the right to do it but thats a human life you have growing inside you.Please dont take that route. free discount card

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