I am a 49/Woman diagnosed w/HPB & maintained the last 17 yrs (Lisinopril 20 mg 1/day). 2 wks ago I noticed my calves & feet swollen w/the left predominately more so and very tight. I had been overdoing it, esp on my feet so I thought that may have been the cause. My pressure was a bit high on 1-21 (137/104), but back to normal the next morn. As the swelling seemed to be gradually going back to normal during week, although stiff & I have been very tired I took it easy keeping my leg elevated. This AM I sat on carpet bare legged @ 20 mins, I noticed immediately bruising on all parts that touched carpet (lightly). It's been 6 hrs & no improvement, very red & same markings, also scratched my thighs/stomach/arms lightly & arms only place w/o marks, all rest r red & still there many hrs later. I took my BP @ 3pm (168/111) so I took 40 mg (20 extra), now it's 156/105. No pain; however, I have herniated discs (C4-5-6; C6-7 operated on 5 yrs ago & take 2-3 Ibuproben 200mg 3-4/day & pain meds when I can afford to so I don't notice light pain since the neck, shoulder, etc r always @ 6-8 pain level. I am sure I will need to see a Dr; however, I wanting an opinion as I am waiting on MSI renewal, thank you so much!!!