I have a very fast pace position dealing with the public mainly people needing warrants recalled and counseling on court appearances. I have at least 70 or more ppl a day I have to deal with and still want to be considerate and patient due to their instability issues. I love my job and helping ppl and they all want to deal w me cause I calm them. Issue is I'm just faking my calmness and want to take on more than I can handle to minimize their confusion and get them on the straight and narrow tract. I believe everyone has a good soul and deserves a second chance. I just get so caught up with paper work (legal docs) no room for era I get so stressed and overwhelmed sometimes want to cry I'm so distracted and messy. What's wrong w me? I can never pack for the day properly and if I go somewhere (conference ) I have anxiety pack too much and absolutely no sense of direction when traveling or where my hotel room is or conference room I just left to search for bathroom. I get lost all the time.