Abdominal surgeries. I just had colonoscopy that showed several 6mm ulcers in sm.bowel.
But my symptoms are abdominal pain around belly button, and severe bloating. Today its 42inches when normally 30-32. My GI Dr. Said to eat pudding, mashed potatoes or pureed food. He said Im full of adhesions. I have already had on bowel obstruction but bowel rest took care of it.He wont prescribe any pain meds said tylenol only. Pantassa for crohns.
Im fatigued all the time,anxious, depressed and cant understand why I cant get these adhesions cut out. My quality of like isnt great, have pain that isn't being adressed because it will slow the bowels Dr. Said. Plus he has me take MOM 5x week. PLEASE DOSE ANYONE HAVE ANY SUGGESTIONS HELP ETC. Im at the end of my rope for real. Thanks