down syndrome at 11 years old he is cognitively at 2 years. my oldest son is 15 years old he is ADHD, high anxiety, with PTSD symptom's. My wife is 55 with ADHD, high anxiety, with PTSD symptom's.
the last 5 years it has become harder for me to recover from viruses, I have a photographic memory recall on subject & process 50 pages an hour in any format so I carry a lot of mental processing strain in tandem with physical strain and stress. as a result of my youth I have a lot of muscle and joint damage causing pain that I tune out until I try sleeping which I average 5 hours a night, lupus, narcolepsy, thyroid, and diabetes runs in the family. I tested negative for these and HIV, hepatitis parasite. low on vitamin D, white blood cell count of 3.7. this last year I can not recover from viruses no energy fogging brain numbness and tingling toes and fingers, when I try to use my brain going over reports, research, paralegal work. I get head aches which I don't have a history of, ear, sinus, eye and throat infections. I have been in bed most of the last 3months with fevers & chills my eye sight comes an goes but extremely sensitive when working same for my ears I have been a plumber for 36 years a lot of exposer to copper, zinc, silver, brass, nickel, iron, lead, mercury, acetylene gas, all metals exposed to heat mix in a acid flux in enclosed spaces, plastic glues and solvents. narrow to the disk in all my spine. I fill like my immune system is attacking my skeleton, but cuts and scrapes heal amazingly fast with minimal scarring. inflammation has been a life long issue.