I've been taking bupropion for a while, started at 150 and moved to 300 in June. There was a week at the end of June where I didn't have any medication (I am also on cipralex and lithium so that was unpleasant) but when I went back on my meds I felt much better mentally and ok physically- I'm a fidgety person so I didnt notice much more movement. About a month ago, my dosage was increased to 450 mg, seemed pretty ok. A week or two after, I had a seizure, and then another the following week. I was told by the ER doctors it wasnt the bupropion so I am still on 450 mg. It has been almost three weeks since my last seizure, but I have found I'm extremely shaky and get dizzy when I try to focus on something that's not the world around me, as well as having frequent muscle spasms. 450 mg is working much better for me so I'm reluctant to change my dosage. 450mg is supposed to be ok!

Has anyone else had experience with this on bupropion? What else do you think this could be related to? I saw another dr after my ER visit and she didnt know either.