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Is it ok a 45 yr old woman to take oral contraceptive pills to prevent prolong, heavy menstruation?

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DzooBaby 13 Sep 2012

If you are healthy and do not smoke and under a Drs close supervision-I wouldnt do this without a Dr advising it but if your Dr has decided this is a good course of action for you then perhaps. Have you talked to anyone about uterine lining ablation? It depends on the cause for your bleeding. Have they ruled out fibroids and such? Ablation is often a good option for women without fibroids who have prolonged heavy bleeding. Ablation basically burns off the part of the uterus that develops the plushy lining that is shed as your period each month. To do this, you cannot wish to ever become pregnant again but that is really not advisable at age 45 for most women anyway. Ablation may or may not be covered by insurance but perhaps if the Dr can prove it is necessary to avoid anemia and such heath problems it might be covered. Birth control pills may be a cheaper option but if you smoke, absolutely not!! Smoking in women over 35 who also use birth control pills is contraindicated because the side effects are so greatly increased. When I worked in family planning, once a woman was 35, if she continued to smoke, she had to go to another type of birth control. Do your research and weigh your options. At 45 there are some risks for increased complications with birth control pills but some women continue to use them with no trouble. Be sure that you understand all the risks vs. benefits and be sure that you know all your options before you decide. Be sure your gynecologist has explained all of this to you and do your own research and ask questions then decide. free discount card

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