I also have bladder and colon problems (severe constipation) and during my menstruation apart from the heavy pain, I have typical PMS symptoms which makes that week of my life hell! Headaches, nausea, depression, mood swings, etc. My gyne suggested to have a full hysterectomy (which will result in early menopause) or to use a low dose combination pill continiously to stop menstruation. I used a pill before and I had constant headaches, picked up weight and it made me feel very bloated. I read about so many side effects of various pills and it makes me scared, especially because I am older and tend to get all the funny symptoms in general! I eat very healthy (due to gluten intolerance, spastic colon and lactose intollerances) and try to exercise at least 3 times per week but with it all I still feel sick most of the times. Please can you assist in suggesting the best option for me.