I have always displayed the common symptoms of bipolar from as far back as childhood and was diagnosed with acute hypoactivity caused by food colours and E numbers.
Since being diagnosed with this disorder I have been taking Quetiapine twice daily and have had multiple repeat prescription's.
In 2 years I've had no contact or follow up support meetings with any doctors or phychiatrists which has resulted in my mental state worsening and my symptoms becoming completely irratic and irrational.
I am now scared most days of myself as I have lost control of my own behaviour now ranging from confussion and complete lack of compation for anybody... to uncontrollable episodes of anger and verbally violent attacks which leave me ridden with guilt.
My condition is completely isolating me from family and friends and I don't know who I am anymore or how to behave which is very distressing to me as I've always been a happy caring person with ambition and a lust for life... so please can you help me find some answers as I'm at a very desperate place and have stopped taking my medication as I feel that it's worsening my symptoms and have now turned to daily alcohol and drug use which I've become reliant on to get me through each day.