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Hi I take 40mg of PAXil and 300 of Wellbutrin and still I am depressed Can Abilify help?

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kaismama 13 Oct 2013

It has helped allot of people when added to antidepressants.

kaw06 14 Oct 2013

It absolutely helped me, and also helped calm me down. I take abilify, welbutrin, & effexor. the plus side of adding it is that it doesn't take as long as most antidepressants to work. It works in a week or two.

mitjason 20 Oct 2013

It helped me a lot. My mother was also on it for a long period of time. Be very cautious though. If you start to experience uncontrollable muscle movement I'd highly recommend getting off the Abilify. My mom has developed permanent, uncontrollable muscle movement in her legs which the doctor stated was caused by the Abilify.

I myself was on it for a year without any problems. After about that first year I noticed that my legs would subconsciously shake and move often. Knowing my mother developed permanent leg movement from the abilify I immediately got off the medication with my doctors permission and the muscle movements stopped after a month or 2 after stopping the ability.

It may have been something that my family was predisposed to but I would still recommend keeping an eye on this, as it can become permanent as stated by the manufacture.

I hope this doesn't scare you though! Give it a try. Only in rare cases is permanent muscle movement an issue. If I could still be on it, I would be.

Much love.

Respectfully, Jay

Dorenepal 12 Mar 2018

My pharmacist told me that taking wellbutren and paxil together can cause seizures. He was rather alarmed I was taking both. It took me about 4 months to ween off paxil and it was the hardest thing I ever did. I went from 40 mg to 20 mg to 10 mg to 5 mg. The brain shocks and sleeplessness after completely weening off the paxil were horrendous as well as the light headedness but they are finally subsiding after 2 weeks. free discount card

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