The Card. DR. has asked me to move this med. to 80mg. My regular Dr. as well as myself feel this is above the safety line. I am also on 200mg.celebrex twice a day, 20mg. rabeprazole,81mg. asprin for sore knee. and to stop upset stomach. also 5mg.finasteride for prostrate prevention. And the Card. Dr. has added 4mg. each day for blood preasure. I have not had any problem ever with this ??? And now it has my level up a few points ?? I intend not to increase the crestor, stay at 40 mg. per day take all others and do question to drop the 4mg.coversyl. I also take fish oil,vitamens senior and 500/400 mg. glucosamine chondroitine each day. WHAT DO YOU FEEL as to these taken each day ??? please advise. THANK YOU .