The first was in a bathroom stall.
The second was in the middle of nowhere on a roadtrip between Oregon and Nevada.
Third was while lying down in my own bed.
Fourth time was on a flight from Nevada back to Seattle.
Last time was January 26th 2017. I was sitting on a chair. Put my head down because I could feel I was going to black out. Came to on the floor surrounded by security.
These blackouts are becoming worrisome. They are more frequent. I never know in advance when I will blackout.
I thought it was happening from the Lisinopril I'm taking. For now the hospital doctor has put the Lisinopril on hold.
There's some speculation by an ED doctor that it's the Celexa.
Anyone else experience black outs from taking Celexa? Anyone know of an alternative antidepressant that I can take? It's too bad because I actually feel like Celexa is helping me.