My four year old daughter was seen Monday and was said to have a mild ear infection and was put on liquid antibiotics. And now on wendsday after her bath my husband saw blood coming out of her ear and there was blood all over her pillow from her nap. Her normal doc is out of town, she saw a new doc on Monday and I talked to yet a different doc wendsday who said to have her lie wit her head on a towel covered heating pad and let drain and check her often for fever as that would be a sign of infection. I read online that a perforated ear drum opens you up to since the antibiotic she was on obviously didnt prevent the infection from getting more severe shouldnt he put her on a different one? Why wait for fever why no preventative measures? Friends have said that she could lose her hearing if it got bad enough and that I should take her to the ER. Does anyone know about this? Should I be in the ER with her?