So my 4 year old has been having issues sleeping, going to sleep, staying asleep, and all around just not sleeping at night. She is diagnosed with ASD, ADHD, sensory processing disorder, impulsive overload, and sensory overload. She is also non verbal, and when I say that, she says limited things and most things it’s only people who KNOW her understand. She’s been in therapy with speech and occupational since she was almost 2 and she gets 1 hour of each twice a week at daycare. For the past month and half, she has hard time going to sleep and once asleep, she is very figity, she wakes up every 3 hours or so, and if I don’t come in and lay with her she will go full meltdown mode. She is very aggressive lately and unbearable when she is like this. She has made my nose bleed, pulled her sister up off the floor by her hair, bit chunks off my arm or neck, and I am just completely ran cold. We tried melatonin 3mg and it didn’t even faze it, I want her to go on medication for her aggression and sleep but her doctor don’t like medications like that in under 5 years old. I need help!!!