I Have Maintained My 3+Daily Doses Of 1/4mg.+ a 1/8th mg.- For A Total Of Less Than 1 mg. per day now. It has been approx. 1 month since stopping my 2nd to last .25mg.dose & relapsing. I will take another 5-7 days to ensure not stopping too fast this time. Then,I will reduce my 9am dose to 1/8th mg, then wait another 12-14 days, reduce my 5am dose to 1/8mg.,& then after the final 12-14 days - I will reduce my last 1 PM dose to 1/8th mg. for the my remaining 12-14 days. Hopefully, I will be free at last of this terribly addictive drug forever! What do you all think of my plan? I would appreciate any and all of your thoughts, and or suggestions - pro, or con. This should be a strong message for anyone who has just started taking any type of Benzos & especially LORAZAPAM. Happy 4th Of July Drugs.com fellow members!!!