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I am 4 weeks pregnant and I had sex with my boyfriend's mom. Can I get pregnant?

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masso 22 Aug 2014

You just said "I am 4 weeks pregnant", and then ask if you could be pregnant, you are 4 weeks in, said it by you.

DzooBaby 22 Aug 2014

okay, two things, if you are already pregnant, you are not going to be able to get pregnant again until after your baby is born, and number two, female on female sex does NOT lead to pregnancy. I think you have more things to worry about than that!!

DzooBaby 22 Aug 2014

Is your boyfriend the father of your child?

kaismama 22 Aug 2014

Are we being punked? You can't possibly believe that girl on girl sex can get you pregnant or that you can get pregnant twice in the same time period.

Stephen Treloar 27 Aug 2014

What I think? A couple of teenage boys, some cannabis; dream up a stupid story and go trolling. The whole thing is preposterous.

kaismama 28 Aug 2014

You're probably right. Notice no response from them.

Amhandin 22 Aug 2014

Even if you were to be with a boy,you wouldn't be pregnant because like you already said you are pregnant,and a girl n girl sex,doesn't get you pregnant.

Angel2Ash 28 Aug 2014

If you are already pregnant you should know how it happened & how it would/could happen again. If you REALLY need to ask if you can get pregnant while you are already pregnant especially by a person of the same gender as yourself, In my opinion...
#1-)You Can NOT get pregnant OR get another person pregnant of the same gender EVER.
2-) If you are having sex with your bf & his mom (Hopefully NOT at the same time) you may want to consider ALL the consequences this may bring with it!
Such as: Emotionally. Not just for you either. Consider your Boyfriend & your unborn baby. If your BF doesn't know about it (You & his Mom) but finds out/ catches you together how is he going to react? What if he finds it really messed up & feels cheated on by you? So if he's the baby's daddy & breaks up with you are you able to raise a baby on your own? free discount card

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