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Well I'm 4 weeks pregnant and I'm not sure who could possibly be the dad. Me and my bf had sex on t?

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DzooBaby 1 Nov 2013

Please finish the rest of your question. Part of it was cut off. For some reason, when you post a question, it doesnt automatically tab down from the title of your question to the body of the question, you have to manually tab down or it just cuts off.

Monkey12 1 Nov 2013

Well I'm 4 weeks pregnant and I'm not sure who could possibly be the dad. Me and my bf had sex on the 22nd of September. He got arrested on the 23rd of September so we broke it off. But we have been together for 10 months and he always cummed inside of me 5 times a day and i never got pregnant. My friend came into town from vegas on sept 28th and we had sex and he cummed inside me. The next day I started my period which would be from Sept 29th-Oct 4th. Me and and the guy from Vegas had sex 3 more times on Oct 5 & 6 and that was it. Two weeks passed I took a test and it was negative. Today on Nov 1st I went to the dr. and the test said positive and that im 4 weeks pregnant. I'm just curious if anyone has any idea on who y'all think would be the father to my unborn child.

DzooBaby 2 Nov 2013

I would say it is obviously your friend from Las Vegas. When you tested the first time, it was too early. 4 weeks would put you right at the time you had sexual activity with him.

DzooBaby 2 Nov 2013

Your boyfriend must have a low sperm count. Wow! 5 times a day? How did you have time for anything else? You can be ovulating while on your period. It is not unheard of and we tell girls on here all the time that sex during your period isnt safe for that very reason. It is very hard to know when a woman has ovulated. I would say your best possibility is the guy from Vegas. If you had sex with him right at that 4 week mark, period or no period. It doesnt matter when your period was, it is a matter of when ovulation occurred but the way to know for sure is paternity testing once the baby is born (or you can see which man the baby looks like!) free discount card

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