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I took 4 seroquel for a severe migraine last night.will this show up on a pre-employment urine test?

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kaismama 6 Aug 2013

They are usually testing for drugs that are abused on employment tests. Seroquel is not one of them.

sara12345 9 Aug 2013

Thought I knew everything about migraine treatments, so this was a surprise to learn that Seroquel could help migraines. Had you tried other medications that didn't work, the reason that you were prescribed Seroquel? And it must work well for your migraines, or does it? Thanks.

amy_carver7904 9 Aug 2013

No Seroquel will not show up because they don't test for that

Ingenue 9 Aug 2013

I'm so sorry you have migraines! Must be horrible... I had headaches for 20 years... Doctors gave me all kinds of stuff... horrible...
They are gone now... but it takes courage, must people don't seem to 'get it'
When you re in pain,( because they are lucky enough not to have it)
What hurts the most, is when people you know don't believe you...
Ha!ha! It is terribly painful, because it makes you feel even more ALONE.
I admire your courage, hang in there...

Inactive 10 Aug 2013

Dear Ingue - So very right. The people so concerned and supportive in the beginning are still my friends, but, everyone is tired of "Oh, she's sick again".
I miss more family/friend get togethers than I attend, as after 28+ yours sick" I just am not the fighter I used to be. I have found my self more alone. I wish no one the daily pain and illnesses that can deny you of "Life" Some people just don't get it and lose patience.

Ingenue 10 Aug 2013

Yes, my neuralgia arm pain, is a pain in the ... ha!ha!
I feel angry at myself, first, for having it... not knowing what neuralgia ven is!!! And hurt because others don't understand... my girlfriend said,
"don't think about it." Ha! Ha!
But you know,personally, pain affects every part of your life ,
Your moods, your responses... I try to be cheerful and helpful and keep busy... but it is very lonely knowing other people are confident ,the way I once was... and now my arm aches terribly... but if I mention it... ( I know they'll think I'm a whiner) sigh! Hang in there... I like to believe God gives us
These pains for a reason... but sometimes I just feel ANGER at everyone and everything... I don't even drink, not with the pills I take... but I feel like having a ton of rum and coke... and blocking out all the pain etc... however,
I Won't .We just continue on,hoping God does care!!! free discount card

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