I've been on 100 mili grm Zoloft & 25 mili grm Hydrochlorothiazide for 3-4 years with 10 mili grm Hydrocodone..now my migraines have started, Dr gave me 50 mili grm Topiramate for them..is it OK to take all them together? My physc gives me my Zoloft, my pain mngmnt gives me my blood pressure, pain pills & now Topiramate..at nite I take 50 mili of Amitryptiline for sleep & 1 mili of clonazepam when needed. The Amitryptiline, I only take a nite. I have taken my clons when I start feeling edgy or panicky..like I said, 1 Dr gives me 3, the other Dr now gives me 3, pain pills, blood pressure pills & the Topiramate..