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Can I take 4 ibuprofin with 2 tramadol?

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Quando62 9 Mar 2015

Yes, I been taking both for over 5 years now.

Uncltodd 9 Mar 2015

I take one 50 mg Tramadol with three 200 mg Ibuprofen twice daily, have for two years. I have my doctor's blessing to up this to four times per day. I found that adding the Ibuprofen greatly increases my pain relief, some sort of synergy thing, I reckon. I NEVER take Acetomenaphin (Tylenol) because I fear liver damage, just me. My doctor wants some Tram in my system 24/7, it seems that it is slow to take effect otherwise. Luck!

balbanese 9 Mar 2015

It is best to ask your Dr as there may be something about your unique history (know only to him) that may influence the answer to this question.

kaismama 9 Mar 2015

It could be done but I'd check with my dr first.

Delila 10 Mar 2015

Hi, i have always been told that it is safe to combine 400mg of Ibuprofen with 100mg of Tramadol. Of course everyone is different, but i took that combination quite often in the past. It was much better for my pain. I agree with the suggestion to take Tramadol regularly as it does help regulate pain better free discount card

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