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I've only had 4 doses of 200mg tramadol ER. Do I still need to taper the dosage to stop taking the?

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Inactive 25 Nov 2012

Hello DocAHR. To be on the side of caution, you might for it truly varies from one individual to another. Regards pledge

Delila 25 Nov 2012

Pledge is right, it does affect people differently. Did you take the 4 doses in just one day or more than one day, it could make a difference to the tapering.

Inactive 25 Nov 2012

Hello DocAHR, yes it is very important that you see your doctor to do a proper tapering from this medication or you will have to go through withdrawals, & they are not pleasant. There is also the risk of having a seizure associated with stopping a dose like that without tapering properly. You will probably need to get the IR type of tramadol to do a proper taper as the ER can not be boken to reduce the dose. Please let your doctor help you with this. Here is the info on the FDA monograph on stopping tramadol ER:

DzooBaby 26 Nov 2012

I honestly dont think you will have a problem if you have only had four doses of medication. I dont think your body has had time to build up a tolerance. You can try just stopping them. If you experience problems you may need to taper but I really dont think you will have a problem after only 4 doses. free discount card

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