it does seem to really work but already I have noticed its starting to not be as strong as it was the first day. I am at 30mg going to 50 in 4 days. I can actually talk to people and look int there eyes now when I speak or when they speak. before I would look at the ground or something.
also I do feel very picky . I unload and stack cans and the airport and my work is starting to loo really good, but I noticed I am starting to fix other peoples things. I think there getting mad at me for that. I think they know I am on something but I figure to wait till managment says somehting then tell them I started a new medication.
So I think I know why my doctor is putting me on 50mg after the 30mg 7 day trial. i think its because 30mg isnt as strong after a few days. also I am getting really thirsty on this and a litle lightheaded once in awhile but nothing seriouse. it cool to drive because I actuallylook in front of me. before I was always wondering what somebody was doing next to me in there car
anybody experience these sysmtoms? aalso i am feeling a little easier to be agitated but nothing bad.