I am at 37.5mg now started off at 150mg been on it for 2 and a half months! Today is my 3rd day dizziness, anxiety, brain zaps, nasuea. I thought I would not have side effects bad cause I haven't been on it long. I will stay at this 37.5 for a week and Tuesday I quit taking it I am so worried cause so far the 3rd day is the worst! I hope tomorrow is better! I am taking fish oil and just started taking Vitamin C 500 mg! Hopefully this will be built up in my system for my last dose on Tuesday! I am so scared I'm going to die on this drug and coming off! I also have been drinking Power Aide Zero for the electrolytes and Vitamin B and taking pepto! The lord is blessing us! We can do this we just have to keep the faith and not give in to this evil drug!