I am 39 yrs and i suffer from.anxiety and very bad mood swings i get angry for just any little thing. Theres times i just stay in my room.cuz i dont want my family to see me le this.
My dr started me with xanax rx 1mg first day and 2nd day it was ok 3rd day i couldnt wake up my body felt very heavy and i couldnt answer my families questions i felt lost.. i was given a cup of coffee thank god i got better with in 15 minutes.
Years back i use to take welbutrin but dr wont give it to me now cuz i suffer from seizures its been bout 6 years from the last episode. For 2 years i was taking cymbalta for fibermyogia but that was interacting with my tramodol so he stopped the cymbalta.
Can any one plz suggest something else maybe i can suggest to my dr.