Hi, I am new, and nice to meet you all!

I have been taking gabapentin for years for severe back, hip and knee pain due to RA and DGD and who knows what else after all this time. I take 900mg gabapentin and 100mg tramadol every six hours. I also take meloxicam 15mg once a day. I work on computer, at home, and I sit in a chair a lot of hours. Sometimes the pain is contained, but not if I have to walk around - I use two canes and sometimes crutches. I sleep in a recliner. I have not been able to lay in a bed for some years now. I rarely go out of the house because even with a shopping cart, it is exhausting and painful. Driving, sliding in and out of the seat, is a misery. My mind works great, though!

The only side effects I have is I do want to sleep when I take all my pills in the morning. I am a night owl and worker, so sleeping days is fine. I sometimes need a boost to stop the pain. My doctor told me to take two tramadol in the middle of the six hours, but often what I need is the gabapentin. Nope, the limit per day is what you get, says the doctor. And if I need more pain relief I will have to give up what I take now and move over to a narcotic. No way. I was addicted to prescription drugs when I was hospitalized over 30 years ago. I have been clean for 30 years. I am not going back there.

So why can't I have more gabapentin if it will help me? I don't understand this 'rule/law' -- I do take it when I need to. Not frequently, but when I have to have it, I don't think twice and I take another dose of gabapentin and tramadol a couple of hours early. I am fine. No problems.

My doctor, who knows my history, is willing to put me on narcotics rather than help me with the gabapentin in a higher dose. I find this to be craziness. Kind of like the government forcing Vioxx off the market - the drug that allowed me to keep walking with hardly any pain. (I would have gladly signed a release to keep taking it!) So what's the scoop? That no one has tested the higher dosage seems weird to me, when it can surely help so many people. I would volunteer. Thank you!