Hi all
I am new to this group. I have been on 40mg of prednisone daily since 16th November. Prior to that was on 30mg then increased to 60mg for 10 days. The past few days I have been reduced to 35mg daily. I have rheumatoid arthritis and it has affected my eye. The steroids have been given to reduce the pain and inflammation in my eye and although my eye is now stable I can't come off them until I start my new biologic medication for the arthritis. Just lately I have been really breathless on the least movements and so emotional. I have chubby cheeks and feel that I am HUGH at the moment. I am generally a very active person and runner. I believe these are some side effects of the drug but I am feeling so disheartened at the moment. I know without the steroids I could potentially lose my sight so I keep plodding on. I suppose I'm after reassurance that things will eventually improve once I come off them. Doctor has now signed me off work as I am not sleeping and managing any level of stress. I have a supportive family but feel I go on and on and they can't really understand my emotions.