... something else. I finally had to seek pain managment and was lucky that I found an established, qualified group that is not a pill mill. I have been on a combination of medications and I find that the percocet is the most effective for breakthrough, they seem a little reluctant on the long-acting but I have been on oxycontin 10 mg bid, it worked for a short time but I became pregnant and during the pregnany I had a substantial decrease in pain and stopped taking everything except the percocet, just decreased my dose. Now the baby is 3 months and I feel like I was hit by a Mack Truck and the pain is 3 times worse than before the baby. They put me back on the Oxycontin but I didn't feel it was working at all. Now I am on MOrphine LA 15 bid. I dont feel any relief from that either . They want to diagnose everyone with fibromyalgia but I am reluctant to accept this Dx. My pain is all over my body, in my joints, especially my hips and shoulders. I have had one MD tell me that he thinks I have a mild case of EDS. My point being is that the docs are always wanting me to try these RX, I have never heard of and they are expensive even with insurance. I am getting to the point, I promise!! I just spent the night in the hospital and the past 2 weeks in pain related to kidney stones, that I thought, was just really bad gas. Gas and constipation, mines well be my middle name, so I never thought it was anything more, until I had to pull over and breath through the pain, like it was a labor pain!! I"d rather have 5 more babies than this pain. I was sent home b/c I have no intentions on staying there until the rest pass, they hold you hostage in the room and won't let you off the floor. So, therefore it's like jail with drugs and TV. For pain they gave me Dilaudid, I am already on percocet for chronic joint pain and when I was having my so-called "gas pain", I was taking 2 10/325 tablets. There is no shame in my game, I refuse to be in pain. They gave me Dilaudid to use instead of my percocets, ummmm... completely ineffective!! I know I am a nurse but I am so confused right now!! I'd rather take a handle of zanaflex and the 2 percocets! I thought the Dilaudid was supposed to be stronger??