My condition started 2 yrs ago. I started on lortab 10 3x daily, increased to 6x daily. Taken off and put on oxycodone 15mg 4x daily. Didn't react well, made me very groggy and disoriented at work. Went to ms contin 30mg every 8 hrs and lortab 10 3x for BT pain. The ms contin didn't help at all so relied on lortabs and taking up to 10 daily to take the edge off. I'm a server btw, and on my feet and at a brisk walk 40 hrs weekly. I was referred to a pain clinic and he's starting me on the fentanyl patch 25. I just put it on tonight and was wondering what everyone's experience with this was. How long until it starts working? Will it help someone with as high a tolerance as mine? Do I need to use bt medicine? Is this a high enough dosage to help the pain? He didn't really give me time for questions, just wrote me the scrip and pushed me out the door. My rheumo is pushing for surgery but my ortho wants to wait. I'm so depressed being in this constant pain. It has totally changed my life and I'm miserable. Any answers will be appreciated.