... seeked help in late september 2013 when my mom actually saw something about PMDD. It was a relief to know i wasn't going crazy or hadn't become bipolar. The first medicine, Lexapro worked on my symptoms and had me feeling more like my true self leading up to my cycle, but the side effects were too difficult to carry on with it. I had absolutely NO sex drive and no sexual sensitivity during. I also felt like i had NO control of my eating. I am a very healthy eater and all I wanted was junk food. The cravings were overwhelming. Between the PMDD symptoms going untreated for so many months and what I believe to be Lexapro side effects (for me), I have put on 25 pounds and started bad eating habits. My doctor has me on Wellbutrin300mg now and this pre cycle has been heartbreaking. All my pmdd symptoms have returned. I have been irritable, emotional, moody, anxious, and have had a hard time making it through the days again. I try to be strong for my children (they are young), but it is so hard. I feel like I am losing myself like I was before Lexapro. I have a follow up appointment with him tomorrow. I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions or knowledge for me going forth. Please do not suggest going back on Lexapro. I am a very sexual person and have always been playful with my husband because of that. I enjoy making love to him and the intimacy it brings. He wanted me to stay on Lexapro, since it was helping my head, but it was still taking away a part of my happiness and my sexual connection with my husband.