Pregnancy. I have scoliosis of the lower spine, 2slipped discs, and 2cracked vertibraes. Also my tailbone is out of place almost 5 full inches :-/ everyone already knows being pregnant can cause alot of back pain but also whrn pregnant and have these back problems ... its soo much worse when it comes to pain :(. I told my doctor in the beginning that i was taking this and told her my problems and she just didnt care what i had to say she just said ... oh well about my pain and just suffer through it and stop taking everything now. Well my pain gts so severe at times i cant handle it. So yes i have been taking hydros and tramadol for pain when needed. But my doc doesnt know bc honestly she is rude and doesnt listen to anything you say. I feel is if she only cares about money!. But my question mainly is how far from my due date or day of labor which is July15th... that i should taper off and stop taking both meds so they are not detected in my system babys and so my lil girl doesnt have any withdrawls at all. Im very concerned and scared about my daughters dependency if i was to keep taking and i do not want any problems when i have her. Such as with cps getting involved or anything related. I dont abuse the medications i only take them when i need them and dont take a large amount through the day either. I dont want them thinking i am a drug abuser when im not :( ... what do i do? Plz help with any suggestions or answers for me. It is so appreciated. Sorry so long but i have been wanting to discuss this for months. ..thank you so much