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33 and having ed problems due to blood pressure meds.should I ask my doc to be put on viagra?

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Thor283 9 Nov 2011

You can ask, but you may not be able to take Viagra because you are on BP meds. So 1st thing is some BP meds cause ED worse than others. Research them to see which causes the least problems and ask if you can try that.

Another idea is to do everything possible to reduce BP naturally. I mean change your life if it will help. Change your diet and join a gym. Anything. I guess it depends how important that erection is to you. Maybe you really don't need it. But if you do, I'd say change anything to get off BP meds.

Finally, I used to have my BP under very good control with the meds. When it was, I was told I could use Viagra ocasionally but I should cut down on the BP meds when I do. So I would think once the doc's see your BP is under very good control they will tell you that. On days you want to use Viagra you have to reduce your regular meds. How much is a crap shoot. They can only guess. So you should buy a semi automatic BP tester. I had a semi automatic one for years, and it finally broke. They are expensive so I bought something not automatic at all. That was a bad idea. I get so stressed when checking my BP I think I make it go up. I'm also never quite sure when to start counting it, as to when the sound is there. It depends how much sound is in the room. So I say buy the kind where you pump it up, but the machine does the listening. The machine can't be influenced by your expectations or nervousness. But don't buy the kind that inflate automatically. They may inflate too much or n0t enough. I never get accurate results with them. free discount card

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