They did this Friday. It's been 3 days going on 4 tomorrow. Still got all my stitches. Roof of mouth feels like sandpaper where I can't eat without pain pill. I can't sleep because I wake up so swollen and throbbing. I was told by number of people pain was going to be gone two to three days. I had all my wisdom teeth and all. Well they gave me 40 percocets which said 5 day supply but it said take 1-2 every 4-6 hrs. I had to take 2 every 4 hrs to feel comfortable I have two kids ages 1 & 2 so I needed it to handle them. Anyway they only lasted 3 almost 4 days. I also been taking naproxen and penicillin. Swelling not horrible in cheeks anymore until I try and lie down and then it's bad but inside mouth swollen and got a huge lump non abbcess on right wisdom tooth gum. Anyway I called for more medicine. The oral surgeon told me it would hurt for a week easily in my case because impacted teeth and how many teeth I had in my mouth but only gave me enough pain medicine for 3 days and office is he away. Now I have to go in the office and am worrying he's going to tell me I don't need it. But truly I do. Worst pain. In my life can't eat or sleep. Anyway when did your guys pain start going away when you did ice packs meds flushing teeth and all properly? And did pain medicine last time needed for you? Am I wrong to ask for refill?