I've been on venlafaxine from the low dose to 75 now I've been through a lot I've kept to much in side I've never talk to any one or told anyone what was going on I ask for help cuz I need it I just want to be me again happy energized play with my kids and babies be more motivated I'm on these med cuz depression anxiety I get frustrated To fast I've been through a lot of tragedy in my life I stop taking the medication for 3 days but I noticed that I do need them to be calm should I try taking the 150 ? I'm currently taking 75 now that I take them I'm more loving and I try take the depression away bye not thing of it I also have thyroid I've been through a divorce with my older kids dad I am remarried now I was in a accident 2009 broke my cranium and ankle thank God I am Alive but with all these problems I have no idea what to do keep taking medicine