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Can 30mg. oxycontin be taken in addition to 10mg. flexeril without problems?

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Rajive Goel 2 May 2012

Please read moderate reactions between the 2 meds:,1770-2012 or talk to you doc who prescribed the meds for details.

Take care!

Inactive 2 May 2012

Hi Cindy Kay,
While my friend Rajive is so smart and is right, let me just say this. IF both meds are prescribed by the same doctor, then feel comfortable taking them together. IF they were rx'd by two different doc's or an "Independant Street Vendor" (no offense meant!!) then don't take them.
They are both CNS depressants, so breathing could slow to a dangerous level.
Do you have fibromyalgia (if you don't mind me asking)?
Best wishes,
sweet lemon

kaismama 2 May 2012

I agree with both my friends, I just want to add that we should always use the same pharmacist, so he knows everything you're on, and would pick up a bad interaction, as a second line of defense against mistakes.

Inactive 2 May 2012

I agree kaismama, our pharmacists (in this gurlz opinion) seem to know more than doc's about the action of a med and any interactions/side effects!!

kaismama 2 May 2012

Its the one and only thing they have to be expert on. Doctors have to be expert on so many things.

balbanese 2 May 2012

Is it prescribed? If so then your Dr should be confident with the interaction, otherwise I would be careful in regard to breathing, Flexeril can be potent in some folks and can really whack you out, this in addition to the repressed breathing from the Oxy could be a concern. Hope this helps.

DzooBaby 2 May 2012

I agree with the other posters. I have seen the two medications be prescribed and taken in the same day. Together they will make you much more sleepy than taking them separate. They are both CNS depressants and will "potentiate" each other meaning each will make the other seem stronger so you must be cautious in taking them together. Be sure that you see how you react before you need to do anything that you need to be alert for, like driving. free discount card

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