I've been on 30mg of mirtazapine for 10weeks now but I'm not feeling any benefits regarding depression. I still battle the daily with sedation particularly in the morning so I take vyvanse to combat the side effects (which counteracts the two major side effects - sedation and weight gain). I also get RLS sometimes if I don't fall asleep within 2hrs of taking it so I try take as late as possible. I have tried almost every other ssri, snri, trycyclic and one maoi with none of them allowing to get past the initial few weeks. So getting this far really makes me not want to stop because there's not much left after this one. Im not sure what to do. The doc won't step me up until I lose the side effects, however I've been on them for quite a while now and I'm concerned they will not subside. I also titrated extremely slow to prevent side effects (3.75mg/week). So my question is: how much longer should I continue with this - is there a chance it will be effective on this dose? I take for anxiety/depression. My anxiety is somewhat better, however the depression is not improving