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I just took 30mg liquid of Coricidin nightime,10mg Paxil, 37.5mg Effexor. Will I be OK?

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masso 7 Jul 2017

Click on the link to access the interaction report:,2296-1524,1800-1156

You should talk to your Dr. about taking 2 antidepressants, as they have a major interaction.

Regards, masso.-

chuck1957 8 Jul 2017

Yanni10; My friend masso, did a great job as always on this, When you check with your doctor unless they have had you on these 2 for some time and they are on the lower dose but I don't know your age or weight But anytime if you get a cold or something like this is a good reason to go to the Pharmacy and buy your cold medicine. And ask to speak to the Pharmacist these are also good questions for them. if you can't reach your doctor. The one big thing at least these are all in the low dose range but you take them together it makes the side effect more intense and can cause you to get very tired And it is always best to ask before you take them. hope all is okay Chuck1957 free discount card

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