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I normally take 300mg of Luvox every day but just took double the dosage-will this matter??

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Inactive 24 Sep 2012

Hello jemmasgirl. The maxiumn recommended dose for Luvox is 300mg. (My own opinion you should be allright) However I am not a doctor and so to set your mind at rest, try and contact your doctor or pharmacist for thier opinion. Regards pledge

angel1662 24 Sep 2012

hello jemmasgirl
welcome, i as well am on luvox, i am on 150mg, my doctor makes me take it at night for it makes me tired i don't no if it makes u tired! Anyway, like pledge said i don't think it is serious, like u are not going to od or anything but i would call my doctor right away and tell them what happened maybe they will tell u to skip the next dose to get leveled out/back to right dosage in system, i hope this helps, feel free to friend me and p? me anytime i will be here for u for support if i can help!

kaismama 24 Sep 2012

Are you saying you took 600mg? That is twice the recommended daily dose. I would call my dr and see what he says. It probably won't bother you, but there is potential for problems.

jemmasgirl 24 Sep 2012

Yes I took 600mgs!!

jemmasgirl 24 Sep 2012

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