I know one of the odd things with dosage, is that in many cases it can be the difference between the "poison and the cure"- now certainly in the case of Bupropion, that may be a bit dramatic, but I am wondering from those who have had minimal results at a smaller dose, did going up in dose truly magically "do the trick"?

Me: 8 weeks in, and bupropion has been a roller coaster. Most days I am still significantly depressed, but out of the 8 weeks I have had perhaps 1 week total of acceptable days mood wise, even actual happiness for 4 of them.

At this point, if you asked me if bupropion was working for depression, I'd say it's become about 10% better over all but not consistent.

I am meeting with a well reviewed psychiatrist Friday to discuss my options. I actually am hesitant to abandon bupropion entirely, because it has had a positive effect on my energy level, sleep patterns, and sexual desires. The crappy side effects have mostly passed, and I have heard a few cases of it taking up to 4 months to really show it's full potential.

My question: Has anyone ever experienced that at a lower dose (300 XL for me) they noticed minimal results, but upping that dose magically made things truly "work"?

I know my psychiatrist will certainly have a good gauge on what to do based on my results thus far, but should the suggestion be to up my 300XL to 450XL before adding in an SSRI, I'd love to know if anyone discovered this indeed made things better (or in some cases, worse?).

I have heard everything from people stating that 150 mgs a day is all they could handle, and anymore made them space out, to people saying that 450 XL (and plenty of them smaller females like me!) was the only dose they really got results with.

Please share your feedback! I'd love to be armed with as much information as possible, as ideally, I'd like to avoid switching drugs and dealing with more side effects. My goal is to get the right tool against my depression.