Am on 300 mg of Effexor XR, and .5 mg of Xanax (for anxiety twice a day), it has been 3 months, and I feel like I'm going down hill again. Previously, as of June '11 I had been on 225 mg. Effexor xr and 400 mg. Wellbutrin (was adjusted over the yrs) since 1999, then in July '11 I had my first major depression since '99. Tried Abilify with Effexor, Cymbalta, then Vibryd... til Dec. '11 then went back to Effexor at the above dosage with Xanax... both Brand name NOT generic. My thinking that the switch to generic Effexor in spring of 2011 was the start of problems? Have not worked since September... I want to feel good again !!!