..I was taking between 4-7 ,80mg oxycodone CR pills a day and at times as high as 10 a day..i weened down in the last 2wks leading up to this past Sat taking only 2-4 pills a day... im just wondering something..Sat at 11am was my last dose..I started to withdrawal around 2pm that same day(Sat)..I went the whole rest of the day sick,in pain and in withdrawal..then Sun came and I took nothing again..now today is Mon and I still have not taken anything..would this be considered day 3 for me? or day 2? yes I took something Sat morning at 11am but nothing the rest of the day and I as I said before I started going into withdrawal that same Sat just a short few hrs after my last dose and was sick and in pain the rest of the day,so to me that Sat was Day 1 of my detox and withdrawal,no... would you be able to help me with identifying which day im on? Day 2 or day3?